BLL is a leading representative and distribution agency for electronic components –Active,Passive ,Electro mechanical,Power and Super caps . We support large range of components include –Power supply,DC-DC converters ,Fans ,displays,Crystals,Ultracapacitors etc… The company headquarters are located in the city of Petah Tikva . The facilities, which occupy large square meters, include the company's headquarters and warehouse. BLL also provides custom solutions. As well, our team can offer consulting, assitance with varius tech solutions and cost reductions. 

We have more than 300 Clients, some of them are : Flextronics, PCB, R.H, U.S.R, Nistec, A.M.S, I.T.S, Racam-Tech, P.M Partner,Rad, Vitzman Institute, Elspec, Orbit, Spectronics, Elbit System, Elisra, Dalpak/Orpak, Pointer Telocation, Refael, IDF, Gamatronic And many More.... 


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